Following the recent High Court Case new proposals in relation to JLC/REA's have been made by the government:
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Following today's decision to reduce the Minimum Wage rate to €7.65. The Government has signalled that the ERO and REA rates should be reviewed. In particular the Catering,...


Dec 12, 2010

Unfair Dismissal Award

Two staff in Bons Secours Hospital receive €38,000 in unfair-dismissal claims.


Two staff dismissed by the Bons Securs Hospital Galway received awards totalling  €38,000 from the EAT. Both staff members were employed in the hospitals kitchen and admitted that they ran a private catering business during work time.


While the EAT accepted that both staff members had contributed to their dismissal, it also ruled that the decision to dismiss was taken prior to any investigation. This fact alone and the associated lack of fair procedures had a detrimental impact on the employer's case. In addition the EAT found that senior staff within the hospital had used the private catering service and this further undermined the employers.


It is essential that employers don't jump the gun when it comes to dismissing employees. Regardless of the circumstances they need to adopt fair and reasonable procedures for further information check out our Guide to Disciplinary Hearings