Following the recent High Court Case new proposals in relation to JLC/REA's have been made by the government:
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Following today's decision to reduce the Minimum Wage rate to €7.65. The Government has signalled that the ERO and REA rates should be reviewed. In particular the Catering,...

Employment Law Compliance

Over the last 12 years over 35 pieces of legislation and 25 EU directives have been passed into law. At the moment a new bill called the Employment Law Compliance Bill is working it’s way through the Dail. It was originally due to be passed into law in 2008, however it now looks as if it will be Autumn 2009 at the earliest. This piece of legislation will have a dramatic effect on the workplace as in its current version it increases the fines that can be levied on employers and also puts breaches of Employment Law on an equal footing with breeches of criminal law.


The complicated and ever developing Employment Legislation environment is not designed to make life easier for Business Owners and Managers. In recent years there has been a major increase in the level of claims being brought against employers. The average award given by the Rights Commissioners now stands at 4000 while NERA made awards totalling 3,112064 in 2008 alone. Disgruntled employees are now more aware of their rights, while many employers have been slow or have failed to adopt best practice Policies and Procedures in relation to the numerous pieces of legislation. Employment Law binds employers, regardless of size, from the day they advertise for staff, until 6 months after an employee leaves them.


Resolve HR can assist employers in ensuring that they remain compliant with Employment Law at every stage in the employee lifecycle.


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  • Resolve HR also offers training and briefings on various pieces of Employment Legislation and associated Industrial Relations topics as required. HR and Employment Law
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