Following the recent High Court Case new proposals in relation to JLC/REA's have been made by the government:
24-Nov-10 at 18.17 | Resolve HR Admin
Following today's decision to reduce the Minimum Wage rate to €7.65. The Government has signalled that the ERO and REA rates should be reviewed. In particular the Catering,...

Management/Supervisor Development

Good managers are developed by an ongoing process of on the job training, reflective learning and training. Resolve HR helps businesses develop their current and future leaders. Always remember that while a “ position as a manager gives you the authority to make things happen, this power does not make you a simply makes you people’s boss". Leadership differs in that it makes the followers want to achieve high goals, rather than simply bossing people around! Courses include:

  • Building High Performance Teams
  • Basic Supervisory and Management Skills
  • Effective Planning and Scheduling
  • Leadership Development.
  • Managing Organisational Change.
  • Coaching skills for Line Managers.
  • Performance Management and Appraisal - setting goals and achieving results
  • Managing the Poor performer.
  • Conflict Management and Resolution.
  • How to Develop and Implement an Effective Training Plan.
  • Understanding Health and Safety.