Following the recent High Court Case new proposals in relation to JLC/REA's have been made by the government:
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Following today's decision to reduce the Minimum Wage rate to €7.65. The Government has signalled that the ERO and REA rates should be reviewed. In particular the Catering,...

Representation at Third Party Hearings

In the event that you find yourself dealing with an Employee Relations issue that could be referred to a third party under Employment Law, Resolve HR provides the following emergency services:


  1. Analysis of situation
  2. Review of existing documents and notes
  3. Interviews with relevant parties as required
  4. Consultation with opposing solicitor as necessary


Having completed this process we will then provide you with appropriate advice on what to do next. Our primary objective is to achieve the most practical and cost efficient solution for you. Where possible and as appropriate, preventing cases from ending up in tribunals of courts. In the event that an issue has been referred for a Hearing to a third party such as the:



We will prepare your case and provide representation in all aspects of employment law including:


  • Unfair/Constructive/Wrongful dismissals
  • Bullying/Harassment Claims
  • Claims made under the Redundancy Payments Acts
  • Claims made under the Transfer of Undertaking Regulations
  • Claims made relating to Leave entitlements, maternity leave, force majeure leave
  • Terms of Employment (Information) Acts
  • Discrimination Claims
  • Payment of Wages Act
  • Bullying / Harassment Claims
  • Organisation of Working Time Act
  • Discrimination Claims


We have considerable experience in dealing with the IR institutions over the last ten years in relation to both the Private and Public Sectors. Our objective is on getting the best possible outcome, we do this by providing you with: 


  • An immediate response and excellent personal service.
  • Piece of mind knowing that the issue is being professionally handled by a highly qualified and experienced business.
  • Minimised costs, in comparison with current solicitors' fees
  • Solution of current issue and advice on prevention of future disputes


For further information and advice please Contact Us